Controller Failure

Well, I had to get the car towed home yesterday.  Symptoms:  gradual decrease in power until the motor was no longer spinning.  Fortunately, I was in the right-hand lane of the freeway and was able to pull off on an offramp.

Lessons learned:

1) Check the batteries of your test equipment on a regular basis.  My portable voltmeter’s battery was dead.

2) Keep your towing service – you never know when your car is gonna stop working.  AAA was excellent and only took 15 minutes to arrive.

I REALLY hope the controller isn’t dead, as I didn’t want to buy a different controller just yet.  At least I’ve got a lead on a (hopefully) more reliable one.  Nothing solid yet.

2 Responses to “Controller Failure”

  1. Hopefully the motor wasn’t demagnetized or the controller over heated. The gradual decrease leads me to suspect those failures. That or the battery low voltage is set too high.


    P.S. keep us informed

  2. peter says:

    According to a coworker of mine, it is most likely an IGBT that failed. Fortunately, she knows how to test and replace them. Will definitely keep everyone informed.

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