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Rack installation

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

In order to keep things moving at the usual snail’s pace, I picked up a flu on my last business trip. This kept me from visiting relatives in Santa Clara, and from doing anything on the car. However, once the flu left, I decided to install the remaining racks (rear and middle). As always, a few small problems were discovered: no supports for the rear battery rack, and the middle rack angle brackets are too short. I guess I gotta do some metal work now.

Rear battery rack and new relay board

Rear battery rack and new relay board

The rear rack is not mounted yet, just sitting in the compartment – the fit was too tight to remove it (oops). The space below that hose is where the support mount is supposed to go. Also, I got tired of the relays being attached to the metal, and after reading some posts about possible arcing across that fuse, I put this ABS plastic board inbetween. Makes for easier mounting, too.

Middle battery rack - with metal that is too short

Middle battery rack - with metal that is too short

This is just frustrating, but nothing serious. I can cut new angle bars, paint them with POR-15, and then install. I still have to pound out the body so the plastic battery box can fit into that small space, though (later).

[UPDATE] Electro Auto shipped the rear posts today, and will be shipping the wiring diagram later on.  Looks like EA is back in business (yay!)

Engine is mounted

Friday, December 12th, 2008

Wow, finally got the engine mated to the transmission and mounted to the car.  I got the axles hooked up after the pictures were taken.  This is starting to look like a real car again!