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Speedometer Rebuild

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Since the trip reset cable was missing, I took the opportunity to have the speedometer rebuilt.  At Sean’s suggestion, I sent it to North Hollywood Speedometer after getting a quote from them.  Very fast turn-around, very nice work.  When I realized I hadn’t asked for a reset cable, I called back, they remembered my speedo. They were able to build up a cable and sent it to me the next day….another amazing company.

Dealing with the BMS

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

I finally figured out which of the interconnects are which. This took some careful reading of the Elithion website (my fault, not theirs) and as a public service present to you which connector is which:

BMS Cell Connectors

I’ve gotten the current sensor put together, but these tiny wires are enough to drive an older guy crazy.  I had to go and buy one of those soldering stations with those clips and the magnifying glass.  Sheesh.

Lots of little cleanup done

Monday, January 4th, 2010

The holidaze were great – warm weather, no stressful driving anywhere, and time to take care of the small details. Cutting the boxes to proper size, attaching the fans to the boxes, running BMS signal cables (which involved pulling and re-running the power cables through the driver-side tube) and so on. Ready to start putting batteries in and hooking up the BMS cables.  Oh and mounting the BMS with a power supply as well.  LOTS of small stuff.  🙂