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Embedded computer

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

I’ve gotten the computer installed and working.  It does some very simple processing, that (to be honest) should have been handled by the motor controller.

The embedded computer measures the outside temperature of the motor, and then turns the motor fan on or off, and changes the power level of the motor controller.

Simple stuff, really.  I’m sure *someone* could have done it entirely in hardware, but being a computer programmer from years back, this was a better way for me to go.

New Embedded Computer

Inside the New Computer

Computer Control of Power and Fan

Friday, July 16th, 2010

I’ve been playing with the Parallax Stamp computer and have come to this conclusion:  it is fun.  🙂

My main process is going to have these steps:


read motor temp

if (temp < 130C) use high power, fan is off

else if (temp < 145C) use medium power, fan is off

else if (temp > 150C) use medium power, fan is on

goto main

This loop will only use 2 relays (one for fan, one for power control).  If I were to use low power setting, I’d need another relay.

I’m hoping to install the computer this weekend, but the weather may delay that (getting REALLY hot here in San Diego).  At the very least, I hope to replace the power supply for the BMS with something much smaller.