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Not controller failure after all

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

The controller is still working – the problem was in the potbox.  Apparently, the cheaper potboxes can have the rheostat inside slip.  Who knew?

I’ve replaced the old potbox with an all-in-one pedal and potbox from Curtis.  Nice solid construction, but I’ll need to work on the position of the box – the cable from the box is currently under my foot – not good.

Controller Failure

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Well, I had to get the car towed home yesterday.  Symptoms:  gradual decrease in power until the motor was no longer spinning.  Fortunately, I was in the right-hand lane of the freeway and was able to pull off on an offramp.

Lessons learned:

1) Check the batteries of your test equipment on a regular basis.  My portable voltmeter’s battery was dead.

2) Keep your towing service – you never know when your car is gonna stop working.  AAA was excellent and only took 15 minutes to arrive.

I REALLY hope the controller isn’t dead, as I didn’t want to buy a different controller just yet.  At least I’ve got a lead on a (hopefully) more reliable one.  Nothing solid yet.