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Batteries Ordered

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Well, along with the 109 Sky Energy 60Ah batteries, I am getting the Elithion Battery Management System (BMS), the Manzanita PFC20B battery charger, and EVComponents touchscreen interface to the BMS.  Oh, and a new DC-DC converter.

All told, this is $15K worth of batteries and support equipment.  (YIKES!)
However, I knew that the job was going to be hazardous when I started.  Nothing more exciting than being bleeding-edge, is there?  🙂

Now that I know what the parts are, I’ve been making mock-ups of the new parts and will be figuring out where to put them into the car.  Once I have the new locations figured out, I’ll post photos.

Battery Update

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Well, I got smart – I talked to the people that actually manufacture the motor and controller and asked their opinion.  I gave them the possible battery packs, and let them choose.  Turns out that there is a “no-mans land” that all but the high voltage pack would hit.  So I’m going to use the 349 volt pack (consisting of 109 batteries with 60 Amp-hours capability). Not cheap, as I was warned, and completely found out, but it should do the job admirably.

So, I await the billing and will get the controller updated at the factory.  Meanwhile, the minor stuff continues to get cleaned up.