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Front trunk is painted and ready

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Wow, painting is hard work.  Almost all of it is preparation and sanding. Um, make that almost all sanding.  I had to use a power grinder to get the spot welds reduced and smoothed.  Next was to prime the bare metal with POR15 (GREAT stuff!).  Then fill in the gaps with bondo.  Sand, smooth, repeat.    I did not do a perfect job on this area, since it is not going to go through concourse.  So here is the finished trunk:

Front trunk now painted

Front trunk now painted

Long time no post

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Well, nothing like 3 funerals and a standards meeting to throw one off their stride. (Sounds like a bad british sitcom, doesn’t it?)

However, I have been busy on the car for the last few days.  For example, I have attached the flywheel to the motor – this involves attaching a hub to the motor and then the flywheel to the hub – all within a tight tolerance.

Motor with hub attached

Motor with flywheel attached

And at the same time, I’ve been working with Sean to get the front trunk repaired.  Sean found a donor car for some metal, and cut that donor piece out and then welded that piece into the trunk.  Now I get to grind the metal, seal the seams, smooth everything out and then paint.

Front trunk top weld

Front trunk bottom weld