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Charger needs maintenance now

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Hmmm, so I got the new 12v battery installed with no trouble.  Plugged it in, and it is now fully charged.

Time to charge the main pack.  I plug in the pack, turn on the charger, and now it is making an odd hissing noise.  I’ve contacted the factory to see what they want me to do.  Meanwhile, the car is not a daily driver at all.  *sigh*

New 12v Battery

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

Well, the old 12v gel battery has finally died.  I tried a whole day charging it, but nope, wasn’t taking in current.  So I ordered and received a new Odyssey PC925 battery.  I’ll get it charging up today, and should be able to install it tomorrow.

Of course, I still have issues with either a few batteries being soft or some BMS boards being bad.  Not sure which.  I’ll try to determine tomorrow.  Turns out there is a new version of the miniBMS that has a 30 minute memory of good/bad/over/under.  Would be nice to get, but then I’d have to spend another $1500 to do that.  If it turns out that I do have some bad BMS boards, I’ll re-evaluate the whole BMS market.