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New BMS installed and working

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

The new BMS (minibms from Clean Auto LLC) was actually easy to install and understand.  Only one minor complaint – the high-voltage alarm turns on if one of the cells triggers an alert – can be annoying to my neighbor as the car is parked next to his bedroom.  I’ll add a relay to cut off the audible alarm.

So picture time.  Here are the before pictures.

Front Trunk with old BMS

Rear pack with old BMS

Rear pack with old BMS

Rear pack with old BMS

Rear trunk with the old BMS and wiring

And here are the after pictures.  Much nicer, no?

Front batteries with new BMS

Rear pack with new BMS

New BMS in rear trunk

Battery Low/Fault light

The light is a repurposed CAT warning light – I’ll be adding a label to it later. Note that there is also a high-low tone buzzer just under the dash.