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Thoughts while removing pack

Monday, June 5th, 2017

I’m still not done removing the old batteries – household updates are taking priority.

However, I’ve been pondering whether it is worthwhile to continue working on the EV. Especially when there are some very nice EVs and PHEVs out there.

Pros for the new EV/PHEV:

  • ABS,
  • Air conditioning,
  • Nice paint and body,
  • J1772 connector,
  • Brand new battery.

Cons for the new EV/PHEV:

  • UGLY,
  • Closed system – no tinkering.

I think for now, I’ll keep working on the 914, if nothing else to fix the rust that came back – will make it easier to sell the roller if push comes to shove.

I’m still looking into new EVs – especially now that the wireless charging is closer to reality.

Old Cars Suck Sometimes

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

My wife pointed out that the brake lights are very dim on the 914, and I had to agree.  Since I’m using LED light bulbs, this shouldn’t be happening.   It’s odd, though, the bulbs have between 11 and 15 LEDs but only the center LED is on.  I checked the voltage, and it seems ok (13.2 volts), so it must be a current limitation somewhere in the system.

Apparently, the 914s have a weakness in their electrical system at the fuse box inside the main cabin.  The wires get old and break, or the connectors lose their grip, or the wires get crushed by the fuse box and the insulation starts to go.  Or all the above.  Sparky is going back to the shop to see about fixing this very, very soon.

Showing off at Earth Day

Friday, April 29th, 2011

At the Qualcomm Earth Day celebration, I was able to show off my car – alongside 2 Teslas, a Leaf, a Volt, a plug-in Prius, and a Kewet.  Got a LOT of interest in the car – I had printed out 30 handouts, and quickly ran out. I should have printed at least 100!

Showing off

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

I took the car to the local Porsche club autocross, and met up with a fellow EV enthusiast there (Hi Richard!).  Oh and there was also some other car company with a booth, too.  😉

Helping, er, paws?

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Someone that dearly loves to “help” with the conversion is our dog Zoe.  She was rescued from the pound 3 years ago, and has been a delightful addition to our household (with notable execptions dealing with destroyed shoes and semi-random barking).


Working on Battery Interconnects

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Well, due to the usual delays of business travel, pulled muscle, Thanksgiving and shopping for Christmas, not much was done until this weekend.

I was able to trim the battery boxes to a lower height – making a much better fit in the various compartments.  Apparently, the trick is to use a carbide blade with 60 to 80 bits in the power saw.  Worked great!

I also started working on the battery interconnects.  I’m looking into flat braided copper cable, with silver-solder for the ends.  However, I’m not happy with the way the ends have worked out – I don’t think they are flat enough yet.  This will take some tinkering to figure out.

Battery Interconnect sitting in the Silver Solder

Battery Interconnect sitting in the Silver Solder

Rack installation

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

In order to keep things moving at the usual snail’s pace, I picked up a flu on my last business trip. This kept me from visiting relatives in Santa Clara, and from doing anything on the car. However, once the flu left, I decided to install the remaining racks (rear and middle). As always, a few small problems were discovered: no supports for the rear battery rack, and the middle rack angle brackets are too short. I guess I gotta do some metal work now.

Rear battery rack and new relay board

Rear battery rack and new relay board

The rear rack is not mounted yet, just sitting in the compartment – the fit was too tight to remove it (oops). The space below that hose is where the support mount is supposed to go. Also, I got tired of the relays being attached to the metal, and after reading some posts about possible arcing across that fuse, I put this ABS plastic board inbetween. Makes for easier mounting, too.

Middle battery rack - with metal that is too short

Middle battery rack - with metal that is too short

This is just frustrating, but nothing serious. I can cut new angle bars, paint them with POR-15, and then install. I still have to pound out the body so the plastic battery box can fit into that small space, though (later).

[UPDATE] Electro Auto shipped the rear posts today, and will be shipping the wiring diagram later on.  Looks like EA is back in business (yay!)


Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Hooboy, what a waste.  It USED to be that you could go on Wednesday night and see all the artists, get your books signed, get t-shirts, etc.  Nope.  Not no more.

Comic-Con has been Discovered.  (

Wailing, gnashing of teeth, rending of clothes, etc.

Even the t-shirts suck now.  Except for the ones the California Browncoats are selling – those are still cool.

Oh well, back to fusebox installation (need to change the standoffs to allow for older wiring).

New Fuseblock and Distractions

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Well, as part of the cleanup, I ordered a new fuseblock from JWest Engineering (

Blade-style Fusebox
This will really help with understanding what is under the console. Plus it is a big incentive to remove that old radio (with cassette!) and clean up all the wiring under the console.


Home has been keeping me busy. VERY busy. The ropes on our double-hung windows (circa 1942) are rapidly decaying. I figured out how to replace them – at 3 hours per window. Our dishwasher needed to be replaced (Maytag did a recall on our model, sent a repair kit but no repair person, so I replaced it with a Bosch). Our dog is STILL being fussy at night, and the cats are not taking too kindly to her yet…

So I hope to be able to get back to the car by this weekend…by which time the fusebox should be in my hands. 🙂