I’m a software engineer by trade, but handyman by necessity.  I learned to work on cars when I was a kid – my step-dad let us drive the cars he couldn’t sell due to mechanical problems.  🙂  I’ve been interested in “alternate energy” for a looooong time now.  Since we have solar electric panels on our roof, we figured it was time to put it to good use – driving a car with electricity rather than gas.

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  1. Peter,

    we have the same BMS you do; I was wondering what communication problems with the cells you had and when. Our system seems fin until the inverter is enabled then we get a transient communication fault. I am curious as to what you did to alleviate your communication issues. Dave from Elithion will help but $200.00/hr is steep for us. It seems to be in the last bank so I am going to split it to see if it improves my situation. Any help or information you can provide it greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,


  2. peter says:

    Hi Nathan,

    My fix was quite simple – I replaced my cheap cable with the Elithion cable. Both have shielding, but I suspect that the cable Elithion uses has different capacitance. Once the same type cable was used everywhere, then I no longer had the intermittent communication issues.


  3. Wow thanks for the quick reply, I will see if their cables are long enough for me. We are also short on pins we might have to tough it out till we get more.

  4. peter says:

    If you need cables and parts, EVComponents has them. You will need to call them as they may not be on the website. I ordered 120 feet of the cable and enough parts for 4 individual cables. Oh, it really helps speed things up if you have a proper crimper for the connectors.

  5. markbrems says:

    Do you have “subscribe” enabled for your blog followers? It notifies the reader via email with a link to any updates or replies, so they don’t have to sort back thru the blog to find them.

  6. peter says:

    Yup, subscription required, and comment approval required, all due to our “friends” the spammers. May they rot in pieces.

  7. markbrems says:

    I couldn’t find the place to subscribe to your blog, so I get email notifications.

  8. peter says:

    I changed the settings so that once you have an approved comment the blog will allow further comments without me intervening. I got really paranoid for a while there.

  9. markbrems says:

    Hey Peter,

    There should be a subscription dialog that can be enabled in your dashboard that allows me to enter my email address on your main blog page, and then any new post to your blog triggers a notification to my email address with a link directly to the comment reply. Check the upper right side of my blog.


    This way, the link jumps me directly to your reply, rather than requiring me to hunt and peck through the posts to see if you have responded. Thanks for your attention and support. It’s very helpful to me during my conversion.


  10. markbrems says:

    Also, when I post a comment, the dialog *still* reports that my comment is “waiting moderation.”

  11. markbrems says:

    Possibly because I posted a link in the body of the previous comment. You can erase these all in the name of tidyness, and I won’t be offended.

  12. markbrems says:

    Hey Peter,

    Where did you get your wheel center caps? My wheels look the same as yours – the American 4-lug Fuchs reproductions. I tried the new repro alloy caps, but my wheel centers were just a shade to big for the caps – maybe by several millimeters.


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